Without battery power backup, a blackout or power failure can be catastrophic!

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08:50 AM

You don’t have a battery power backup? Tell me you’re joking. Haven’t you seen Friday the 13th or Paranormal Activity!? Or any horror movie?!


Okay, I haven’t actually seen either of those, but I know for a fact that somewhere in those films the power turns off and then crazy voodoo crap happens. I don’t need that in my life, and I bet you don’t either, so let’s just avoid any of that from happening and install a battery power back up, stat.


Aside from the whole cliché storyline above, let’s consider how not being prepared for a blackout could affect you and your family.

  • Medical emergency. This issue really concerns people who rely on appliances for their health, such as dialysis machines or breathing apparatuses. If you use crutches or a wheelchair then I imagine moving around the house might be difficult if it’s dark, but what about if your movement is more limited? What about if you rely on a ventilator or infusion pump for your respiratory or circulatory systems? Access to the kitchen or the bathroom suddenly becomes a lot trickier in this case.
  • Food goes bye-bye. Speaking of the kitchen, have you considered what the insides of your fridge and freezer look like? No electricity, no cold food, no oven or microwave…this is where Scooby-Doo would say, ‘ruh-roh’, folks. If you’re lucky, the blackout might only be a few hours, but if it’s longer, the quality of your food is completely compromised. I can guarantee that it will either unfreeze, go off, or go mouldy. Or all three! Winner, winner, no chicken dinner for you (unless you want a sprinkle of bacteria to season the dish).
  • Security alert. Like I mentioned before, you don’t know how long the power will be off, which means the safety of your house and its belongings, including yourself, might be compromised. It’s very likely that if the power is out, so is your security system. That might be fine for some but maybe not so much for those in less genteel neighbourhoods. Or, by some chance, it’s the other way around. You’re locked in the house! Okay, maybe it won’t get that bad, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the automated system controlling your garage doors shuts down. Ergo, no car access, so you’re stuck inside (like everyone else).
  • You’re hot. You’re cold. Depending on the season, this might not be as much of a worry. However, if you live in the NT, and it’s the end of the year, a working air conditioner is essential. Layering up on clothes and jumpers can only work for so long if it’s winter, especially if you have a big family and not enough blankets. Or think about it this way: what if you’re slightly older and more sensitive to temperature changes? Your body can only protect you for a limited time before you get a case of mild hypothermia and, for senior adults, this possibility is much higher, particularly if they have pre-existing medical conditions.

Be realistic. Is there any harm to installing a backup power system? No. Will you even end up using it? Maybe not, but let’s not risk it and find out.