Safety Integrated Systems (SIS) Safety Control Systems

Sometimes our clients want to lower their risk of failure in a certain area. If the risk and potential consequences are very high they will opt to install a Safety Integrated System with a Safety PLC which adds another layer of protection against a potential catastrophe. Megatronic Power Systems has the experience and qualifications to design and validate safety integrated functions and systems to a required Safety Integrated Level (SIL). 



  • PLC programming of safety PLCs
  • PLC and instrumentation selection and justification.
  • Network design for Safety Integrated Systems
  • Safety Integrated function (SIF) and SIL Verification (validation and documentation)
  • Safety PLC code verification
  • Design Input Consultancy (SIL determination, Process Hazard Analysis)
  • Engage in LOPA Analysis (Layer of Protection), Semi-Quantitative, HAZOP, Fault Tree Analysis.