Plant Audit, Optimisation & Management 


Megatronic Power Systems offers its clients a control system auditing service. We can personally come to your site and filter through your PLC/DCS or SCADA code and compile a report on how the system can be improved to run more efficiently. We also look at what equipment you are currently using and we will recommend if upgrading some certain components would be beneficial to your process. We analyse network load, system memory and general speed of your system as well as operation. We also analyse any downtime in your system and find the root cause of the issues which will then make your system more efficient.




At any stage of your project or plant life, Megatronic Power Systems can provide plant optimisation engineering.

We conduct an in-depth analysis and fix any issues found on:

  • Network speed and loading
  • Network design and physical layout
  • Power usage
  • Variable speed drive tuning and parameter settings
  • Code commenting (ease of understanding for your maintenance crew)
  • General code logic
  • Graphics and data representation
  • Alarms listing and filters
  • Trend usage and data representation

We can fine-tune your plant so that it runs at the most efficient level possible, with no unwanted interruptions to your process.

Optimisation offers less downtime, easier maintenance, quicker operations and plant response, lower energy running costs and professional compiled reports on your plants operation and efficiency. It reduces the input costs and increases the output from your facility.



Our experienced engineers can set up automated site reporting on your current or new plant control system. The reports can be fully customised to print exactly what data our clients wish to see on a regular basis. The reports can be sent to a printer of your choice, even at remote locations or automatically saved in folders on a networked computer.


These reports can be used to log:

  • Equipment downtime (Also uptime)
  • Fault reasons and alarms
  • Any trending data (Levels, flows, power usage etc)
  • Historical data

These reports can then be used for internal auditing of your system to see where improvements in your operations can be made.