Network, Communication & Integration

Megatronic Power Systems are experts in the field of communications and systems integration. We have a vast amount of experience in network selection and design. A lot of the time our clients will have preferred methods of communications to which we design an robust network around and integrate devices and systems to maximise operator feedback and minimise production downtime.


When our clients don't have a preferred method of communication, we conduct research and surveys into the operating environment in which the network will sit, preferred equipment which our client will use, and  proven network solution against the latest technology in communications to design/implement and commission the most reliable and low maintenance solution for your project.


We are specialist in but not limited to the following types of commutations:

  • Standard Industrial Ethernet - TCPIP
  • Wireless Ethernet
  • Fibre Optic communications
  • Profibus
  • Radio Communications
  • Telemetry
  • SMS
  • Serial communications (RS232, RS485, RS422 - Proprietary data buses)
    • Profibus
    • Modbus
    • Device Net


If a device has the capabilities of being networked, then you can be assured that Megatronic Power Systems can get that device communicating with the rest of your network. We use devices such as communications convertors, remote I/O cards, signal splitters and different communications methods (as listed above) to get your signals reading into the right locations.


It also allows us to get different sub-systems within your project sharing data and we can then display any information required from a sub-system onto your main operator interface (SCADA or HMI display).