Power Generation


Solar Telemetry and Control - De-watering

Megatronic Power Systems was engaged to design, supply and commission a solar-powered control system with battery back-up and telemetry communications at three separate locations on a de-watering facility. Each facility had a flowmeter, control valve and level transmitter that monitored, controlled and reported the water flow and tank/pond level to different sites on the pipeline.


The project consisted of:

  • x3 new electrical control panels
  • x3 solar power stations with battery backup and protection.
  • x3 new PLC’s
  • x4 Radio’s/RTU for communication
  • x1 HMI interface with local alarm pages and status of the de-watering facility
  • New instrumentation
  • Full electrical design including solar and battery sizing along with commissioning including the drafting and doc control of the design
  • The addition of the system to the site SCADA system with remote monitoring and control.

Large Scale Solar – Feasibility Study

Megatronic Power Systems are currently involved in a Solar Power feasibility study for our client. The nature of this project is confidential. Megatronic is putting a concept design together with functionality, efficiencies, costings and payback periods to be determined.