Supporting Perth with Cutting-edge Cyber Security

Transforming the way you protect your business

Megatronic Power Systems is fully equipped to deliver a broad spectrum of cybersecurity services to organisations across Western Australia. Providing training, design, consultation and supply services, we ensure that you’re given the protection you need against the threats of today and tomorrow.


At Megatronic Power Systems, we know that each organisation has its own unique requirements and goals


Our consultants take a highly individualised approach to each project, working collaboratively with stakeholders to understand the challenges your business faces. Whether you’re a new business designing building ICT infrastructure from scratch who wants to weave security through every part, or an established organisation looking to make your existing systems safer than ever, we have the solution for you. Discuss your requirements with our staff to learn more about how we can help you.


What our cyber security services can offer you


As one of the state’s most respected cybersecurity companies, our consultants can deliver a wide range of services to businesses across all industries. From advising on and supplying hardware and software to network design with risk minimisation built in, we take a comprehensive approach to your business safety.


We understand that cybersecurity isn’t a state, it’s a process


To that end, we offer a range of staff advice and training programs, helping to get your employees up to speed on the latest threats. We help to make security an everyday occurrence, teaching good digital hygiene to ensure that in everything your employees do, they’re keeping your most valuable asset – your data – safe.


We help your business plan for the future, assisting you in developing damage limitation and first response plans that limit the potential loss caused by any single intrusion. Our team can help you identify signs of a cyber attack faster because the sooner you recognised that you’re in danger, the greater chance you have of limiting the risk to your assets.

Work with one of the country’s leading cyber security companies

Make the smarter choice for your business and invest in cybersecurity services from the people who understand it best. Speak to the team at Megatronic Power Systems today at our Perth office on (08) 9477 3919 or via email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Make the smarter choice for your business