Battery Monitoring System




Our industrial Battery Monitoring System (BMS) offers protection, reliability and economic advantage to battery power storage systems. The system is a smart and flexible product thanks to its well-engineered innovative design. It is suitable to be used for any type of rechargeable batteries and specifically engineered around the latest lithium-Ion technology. The system is developed to detect the state of charge (SOW) and the health state of each individual battery cell on a bank of batteries. It can also be used to monitor a single battery system. The system can also control the charge of a battery storage system.


The Battery Monitoring unit ‘MB2408’ can be utilised on its own to monitor battery systems, or it can be integrated into a network. External SCADA and control systems can read/display the data and protect your battery power storage system. Each ‘MB2408’ battery monitoring module can cater for up to 8 cells. The ‘MB2408’ battery monitoring modules are modular and can be networked/linked together to monitor an infinite number of cells. The system is completely scalable. The system can be easily and efficiently retrofitted to any existing battery power storage system. It has a pro-active fault-finding software which detects individual battery faults prior to failure and raises warning before the whole bank of batteries suffers. Its cutting-edge engineering design ensures scalability, flexibility and reliability.


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Problem Statement

  • One faulty/deteriorating battery cell in a lithium battery bank can destroy all the cells the bank quite easily and quickly. Battery costs are still high and it is an expensive process to replace battery power storage systems.
  • Remote communication and telemetry systems can be left unattended for long periods of time. Maintenance crews sometimes have to make long journeys to check the health of the remote facilities. This task takes valuable time and resources to complete. Also travelling by road is one of the biggest safety risks in the workplace.
  • Batteries are vulnerable when overcharged or reach the low discharge level. This can shorten the life of your batteries or even destroy them suddenly.


Solution/Cost Saving Opportunity 

  • Megatronics' BMS ensures early detection of a deteriorating cell/faulty cell and allows the maintenance crew to replace that one cell, instead of all the cells. The pro-active fault-finding software monitors many engineering parameters and sends warnings and alarms to maintenance crew.
  • Megatronic BMS will give your operators remote visibility of the battery power source.
    + Ensures operator confidence that the remote system will work when required.
    + Maintenance trips will be required less frequently, allow resources to be redeployed elsewhere saving time and money.
    + Reduces travel time for workers.
  • Megatronic BMS ensures automated protection for your battery storage system. The Battery monitoring module has built-in control capability to protect against over and under charge of the cells.
    + Operators do not have to intervene to protect their battery storage system. The BMS will protect the batteries automatically.
  • The Megatronic BMS is a very economical solution which utilises the latest technology to protect your investment in battery power storage systems. The system will also save money by lengthening the life of your battery system and save time/resources on maintenance and travel.
  • The Megatronic BMS is an insurance policy for your battery power storage system. It offers the company’s confidence reliability when investing in a battery storage system, reliability and sustainability.



Pre-made Cables:

Customers can avail of the option of buying pre-made cabling with pre-terminated plugs for a quick, easy and efficient installation on site.

Local HMI – Human Machine Interface Screens: 

Customers can also opt to purchase a HMI that can be installed locally on site. The easy to use HMI screen will bring insight to health and operational conditions of the system. This offers a plug and play system. Alternatively, the Battery monitoring unit’s networking capability can be utilised and information gathered and displayed on an external system. (The BMU has a standard data map of information available)

SCADA Development:

The BMS comes with networking capability and a standard data map. Users can gather the data over a network and display/manipulate it as required. Megatronic can, however, supply pre-engineered SCADA mimics and our expert engineers are available

Protocol Converters:

Megatronic can supply and configure protocol converters so that BMS data can be communicated and integrated into any type of network /system.


  • Large Scale Battery Storage    
  • Residential Battery Storage   
  • Switchroom Control Power Backup System’s
  • Solar powered mobile and fixed communications System’s
  • UPS for Hospital or Data Centres
  • Electrical Vehicle Battery Monitoring/Control

Remote Monitoring For

  • Lithium Battery Monitoring
  • Cell Monitoring
  • Lead Acid Batter Monitor

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