Battery Charger


The MX-001 industrial DC UPS/Battery Charger is a smart and flexible product thanks to its well-engineered design.


The system is developed to charge and maintain the individual battery cells to prolong the life of the battery bank. It is suitable to be used for any type of rechargeable batteries and specifically engineered around the latest Lithium-Ion technology. It has a pro-active fault finding software which detects individual battery faults and raises warnings before the whole bank of batteries suffers.


The MX-001 uses a controller to execute smart mathematical algorithms to analyse and control each individual cell. The charge pattern and algorithms are specifically programmed to the battery manufacturer's data sheet for maximum protection and efficiency. 


Its modern engineering design ensures scalability and flexibility. It also has an easy to use HMI which brings insight into the health and operational conditions. There are dedicated pages to individual cells, detailing information on condition and the life of each cell within the battery bank can be monitored. In case of issues, up to 1000 alarms are saved in the alarm history page for further investigations. 


The system also offers data logging capabilities. For example, in the case of activation of any alarms the programming logic controller will capture a snapshot of almost 100 important parameters along with date and time of the alarm and saves the data for future investigations. If there is a remote connection, the logged data is accessible from any internet browser in csv format.


As an option, the system can connect to the internet and email reports on the health status. It can also send text messages to authorized numbers to notify about potential issues. The system can also be monitored and managed remotely. This highly sophisticated system will provide functionalities like no other. Above all, the system can be tailored to your requirements to cut cost and increase your system reliability.


The advanced design means that the demand rate on the batteries is less than 1%. If there is a power outage on your site the system will instantly switch to the backup system (batteries) and there will be no change to your output power. The load will not be interrupted in any way.

Allow the MX-001 to be your life-line with maximum safety and reliability its focus and assurance

Applications as backup power supply/charger:
  • Distribution substations
  • Process industries
  • Automatic control systems
  • Monitoring circuits
  • Switching and motorization sectors
Basic Capabilities:
  • Data trending (voltage, current, charge, etc.)
  • Alarm display (description, time and date)
  • Alarm history (description, time and date)
  • Individual cell monitoring (cell voltage, terminal voltage, capacity, charge %, charge Ah, current, # of discharge cycles, voltage deviation from average)
  • Alarm logging
Input Voltage:
  • 90-263Vac 47-63 Hz
  • Output Current: 0-300A
  • Output voltage: 24V, 48V, 110V (DC), 230V (AC)


  • Comes with a 1-year warranty on the charger and batteries.
  • Additional warranty can be purchased.
Featured Capabilities:
  • Network connection: Modbus TCP, PROFINET, Profibus, Modbus, etc. (Can easily communicate to SCADA / other PLC's)
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Alarms
  • Emails
  • SMS
  • Additional custom changes are easily achieved at low cost (extra control and monitoring)

MX-001   HMI  Menu Options

MX-001   Lithium Ion Batteries 

MX-001   Early Prototype build